About Us

My name is Stefan Staniewski and my business partner and best friend for over 50 years-John Valente. We started a car sales garage that we named "Stanvale Motors", which was opened in March 1999.

John has two fish and chip shops in our town of Kirkcaldy, which has been going since 1921 started by his grandfather. They also manufacture ice cream of many flavours.

At the age of 17 years old I was selling ice cream for John's father Tony from an ice cream van and I also started selling the odd car.

At the age of 19 years old (1974) I started working full time as a car sales person with a firm by the name of "John Grubb of Kirkcaldy", who were Mazda dealers. I ended up selling cars as a salesmen for 25 years, but in that time still remained the best of friends with John Valente, who became a good customer with me buying cars for himself and vans for his fish and chip shops.

As we both had an eye for Jaguar and BMW cars, together we purchased many that we have put into a collection.

After selling cars for 25 years John and myself having owned our own Jaguar collection, we decided to open "Stanvale Motors Kirkcaldy" as a business and working hobby.

18 years later still trading and buying classics that we like, we sell run of the mill cars, but like to specialise in classic Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes etc. taking great pride and pleasure in what we do and everything just keeps going on. Now John's eldest son Marco, who loves cars is keen to be involved with us at Stanvale, hopefully for many years to come.

1979 First Mitsubishi Colt sold in Fife

(Stefan on the far left)